Hazmat Warning

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Hazmat Warning Guerrillas

These are the people who fight pollution in nonviolent and creative ways like photographing or videotaping polluters doing stupid and unethical things. We will be posting our own events and exploits here so you can come down and join us. And we will be honoring and recognizing here people who fight pollution with wit and style.

If you'd like tell us about someone or something for inclusion here or let us know about something you're planning, just send an email to info@hazmatwarning.com. Include your name and mailing addess. Put "Guerrillas" in the Subject.

There are lots of ways to be a Hazmat Warning Guerrilla. Be creative.


Make a pollution video. It's pretty easy. You can videotape anything from your neighbor's SUV to a Con Ed power plant.

Hazmat Warning

For questions, problems and bulk and custom orders (including shirts in other colors) email info@hazmatwarning.com.

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