Hazmat Warning

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Hazmat Warning Personal Pollution

We can all fight pollution on a very personal level in many ways. And it doesn't have to be confrontational or arduous, either. Burning down an SUV dealership grabs all the headlines, but it is far more effective just to not buy or drive one. Greenpeace is wonderful when the rich kids are pushing whales back into the ocean, but when their eco-moms pick them up in their Range Rovers, all that good work is canceled out.


Litter is the most avoidable kind of pollution. It's selfish and it's stupid. Why would anyone pollute the world that they have to live in? Just don't do it.

Hazmat Warning
Dog Shit

The amount of dog shit in New York City is mind boggling. Every morning, regardless of the weather, Central Park is full of dogs and their owners depositing what must be tons of excrement. Hey! I don't shit in your living room. Don't let your dog shit in our park.

Hazmat Warning

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